who i am a marketing consultant specialized on web communications & branding. born in caracas (1973), living in bogotá
It's like the Snow White's Wicked Queen mirror: My job is to help customers find their own truth and use it to be the coolest (commercial) option available. Since 1994, I've been working as a Web Designer | Marketing Consultant | Online Advertiser.
Today I run my own creative marketing agency:
movidagrafica with branches in Colombia and Venezuela we try to do state of the art web sites and branding for clients of all types in locations around the world.
I've been living in and for the Internet since it's beggining and I would like to continue doing that.
Thriving between meaning and beauty I will always be working between technology and artistic passion between the thrill of technologic progress and the love for the Authenticity and Originality

awards and nominations

 ShockDC, nuestra agencia de mercadeo digital Mercadeo
Movidagrafica.com Nuestra agencia de diseño gráfico Diseño
paginainteligente.net nuestro Manejador de contenidos Web cms
Proyecto Internet, Nuestra agencia de Diseño Web Web Design
Agencia de Marketing y Publicidad en Colombia | Agencia de Marketing y Publicidad en Argentina | Diseño Web en Colombia | Marketing en Colombia