Looking for a new home

We are a family of digital nomads searching for a healthy life close to nature

Greetings I am Lic. Rafael Juárez, his partner (Patricia Vielma), and his son (Luciano Juárez Vielma): Digital nomads dedicated to digital marketing and online entrepreneurs coaching.

Since April 2018 we have resided without mishaps in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) under a rental contract of € 750 per month; We are currently looking for a new home where we can continue our life mission: See our family grow in a friendly, quiet and healthy environment.

Due to the distance and restrictions, we have prepared this document so that our profile can be studied and approved prior to our visit to the property. We attach information about us and the requested requirements (At the end you will find links to each document mentioned):

• Immediate financial availability: Statements of the last 5 months

• Availability to buy a policy against non-payment or damage to the property

• We have a 5-year service contract with Survision, a company located in France and US; we are in charge of managing the marketing and design of the company for Europe and America

• We present documentation from a guarantor / co-debtor  

• We are founding partners of a Marketing company called Movidagrafica (https://movidagrafica.co), consolidated in Bogotá, Colombia, which as part of its growth plans has established itself in Barcelona as a candidate to establish our new headquarters (http://movidagrafica.es) and thus be able to satisfy the needs of the European market.

Currently, we develop commercial activity serving clients throughout Europe and America from our company.


Rafael Juarez: Psychologist, Marketing Consultant, Ikigai Coach, Producer, Designer 

DNI: Y6350421-C

Born in: Venezuela 

Year of Birth: 1973 

Professional Web Sites: https://rafaeljuarez.com https://ikigaimasters.comhttps://movidagrafica.co

Phone: +34 645 019 610

Email: rj@rafaeljuarez.com

Patricia Vielma, Branding Designer

DNI: Y6350460-J

Born in: Venezuela

Year of Birth: 1989

Web: https://pattvielma.es

Phone: +34 633 757 804

Email: patricia@pattvielma.es

Luciano Juárez Vielma, our son 

DNI: Y6350450-A

Year of birth: 2011

Born in: Venezuela

Please download the requested documents from the links below. If you have problems with this way of presenting the information, please communicate it to download them for you and send them to your mail in the traditional way.

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